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Go Ahead Catalog

Go Ahead Catalog

Throughout my time at EF Go Ahead Tours, we’ve done our best to make our semi-annual tour catalogue more of an editorial experience than just a sales tool.

This particular issue was inspired by moments of discovery as experienced by the traveler as they explore new destinations.

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Customized Guide to Travel

Customized Guide to Travel

In addition to standard tours we advertise in the catalog (see above), Go Ahead Tours is also able to create customized tours from scratch.

Copywriter Emily Houston and I were tasked with creating a piece that explained the benefits of creating your own tour. We created a saddle-stitched booklet focused on why "going customized" is an exciting opportunity for travelers and their groups. To do that, we incorporated testimonials from past travelers, focused in on specific group interests, and broke down a specific customized tour we'd created before.

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Summer Sales Log

Summer Sales Log

We were asked to help boost sales across 20-30 tours during the summer months by creating a smaller version of our full catalog. Because these 20-30 tours could be to anywhere in the world, we separated them into 3 different summer-vibe-sections.

“Head to the sea” featured tours that explored sun-kissed ocean towns, “Escape to nature” featured tours that would help travelers experience the great outdoors, and “Soak up the city” focused on iconic cities around the world.

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