Jay Borrelli
Honest by rebrand

Honest By

Packaging design for Peruvian Chocolatier, Death by Xoko.

honest by rebrand

honest by rebrand

Rebranding Belgian-based fashion house Honest By presented a unique challenge. A high-end clothing company with a conscious deserved a mark that represented their values to be 100% transparent in all of their manufacturing and sales. After a healthy amount of sketching, scanning, and adjusting, I was left with a mark that showcased Honest by’s values through button holes, a symbol that is universally related to clothing, but not so overt that it felt any less high end.


In addition to designing the visual mark for Honest by, I also designed and crafted a brand book, explaining Honest by's mission, as well as a breakdown of the visual mark, the brand's typographic details, and possible future applications.